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Talent Since: 08/09/2018
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Up beat, energized, honest,

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I’ve been in the entertainment and recording industry for almost 30 years, and Voice Over work for 15 years. I'm now a full time American voice actor working from my professional home studio.
I’m extremely versatile and can deliver:
- High energy upbeat
- Soft sell commercial reads
- Sales and corporate presentations
- Professional telephone packages
- Informative and captivating documentary narrations
- Authoritative or guy next door style for video sales letters, animated explainer, and whiteboard videos
- Character voices for cartoons and video games
- Short format VO

I've delivered e-learning content for:
- Corporate
- Employee safety
- Technical training
- Science educational lessons
- Car dealer commercials(Philpot Toyota)
- Educational Video Narration(Unreal Engine 4)
- Video Game Characters (Orris in Fallout New Vegas) and many others.

I’ve spent over 30 years as a working musician and educator, and love spending days in my studio recording messages like yours. I'm happy to provide a CUSTOM AUDITION READ upon PERSONAL MESSAGE REQUEST

I've studied voice for nearly 25 years, getting my formal training in college where I earned a Bachelor Degree in Jazz and Contemporary music. Later I took acting and improvisation classes just for fun, my nearly 3 decade career in entertainment industry was also an invaluable education. For years I had very little knowledge of the voiceover business, however it seemed that every time I'd be in a recording studio, I would be asked by a producer or agent to read copy while I was in the booth! 15 yrs ago I just sort of started falling backwards into getting a commercials, jingles, and a few corporate phone systems. My voice was used to welcome Athletes to the Athlete Village during the 2002 Olympic Games. Flash forward to now, and there is a wealth of material online, everyone from the likes of Bill Dewees, Mike Delgaudio, Pat Fraley and Marc Cushman, there is a mountain of information to consume, and without a doubt will supply me with material to study the voice acting art form. I’ve done everything from regional Car dealer commercials(Philpot Toyota), Educational Video Narration(Unreal Engine 4), Video Game Characters (Orris in Fallout New Vegas) and many others.

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